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Band 172:
Leitner, Gerhard (Hrsg.): The English reference grammar. Language and linguistics, writers and readers. 450 S. - Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1986.
ISBN: 3-484-30172-4

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English reference grammars at the interface of linguistic theory, applied linguistics, the international sociology of English, English language teaching methodology, the historiography of linguistics and computer technology – those were the issues of the 1985 Berlin conference on English grammars which are published in this volume.


Introduction S. 1
Part I: Contemporary and Future Reference Grammars
Greenbaum, Sidney:
  The Grammar of Contemporary English and the Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language S. 6
Svartvik, Jan:
  A Communicative Grammar of English S. 15
Graustein, Gottfried:
  English Grammar – A Scholarly Handbook in Teacher-Training in the GDR S. 25
Burchfield, Robert:
  The End of the Alphabet: Last Exit to Grammar S. 45
Sinclair, John McH.:
  First Throw Away Your Evidence S. 56
Werlich, Egon:
  The Relevance of a Text (Type) Grammar to Foreign Language Teaching – With a Note on Text Type Switches S. 65
Dirven, René:
  Towards a Pedagogical English Grammar S. 89
Ungerer, Friedrich:
  Guidelines for a Multi-Purpose Teaching Grammar S. 103
Mindt, Dieter:
  Corpus, Grammar, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language S. 125
Zydatiß, Wolfgang:
  Grammatical Categories and their Text Functions – Some Implications for the Content of Reference Grammars S. 140
Bailey, Charles-James:
  Where English Cannot Put a Preposition Before a Relative or Interrogative Pronoun S. 156
Davy, Derek:
  Implications of the Emergence of New Standards of English for the Writing of English Grammars S. 178
Niemeyer, Jochen:
  Teachers, Grammar Teaching, and Grammar Books – Some Desiderata S. 190
Lange, Dietrich:
  Is it the School's Fault if Students don't Use Grammars? S. 204
Mackiewicz, Wolfgang / Preuss, Harald:
  The Role of Scholarly Grammars in Course Design at University Level S. 209
Adler, A. / Hirschmüller, H. / Leitner, G. / Prüfer, K. / Schnorr, G.:
  Grammars of English Versus Students of English S. 223
Part II: Historical and National Profiles of English Grammars
Robins, Robert H.:
  The Evolution of English Grammar Books Since the Renaissance S. 292
Algeo, John:
  A Grammatical Dialectic S. 307
Downey, Charlotte:
  The Constants and Variables Which Guided the Development of American Grammar Writing in the 18th and 19th Centuries S. 334
Wächtler, Kurt:
  Goold Brown – The American Grammarian of Grammarians in the Nineteenth Century S. 351
Aarts, Flor:
  English Grammars and the Dutch Contribution: 1891-1985 S. 363
Jankowska, Aleksandra:
  Polish Grammars of English S. 387
Sundby, Bertil:
  Parallelism and Sequence in Early English Prescriptive Grammar S. 397
Leitner, Gerhard:
  English Grammars – Past, Present and Future S. 409
Summaries S. 432
Contributors S. 437
Name Index S. 442
Key Word Index S. 447