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Hoole, Philip / Bombien, Lasse / Pouplier, Marianne / Mooshammer, Christine / Kühnert, Barbara (Hrsg.): Consonant Clusters and Structural Complexity. VI/409 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2012.
ISBN: 978-1-61451-076-5

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-1-61451-077-2

There is currently a wealth of activity involving the analysis of complex segmental sequences from phonetic, phonological and psycholinguistic perspectives. This volume draws from selected contributions to the conference Consonant Clusters and Structural Complexity held in Munich in August 2008. Consonant sequences, whether occurring within individual lexical items or emerging in running speech at word boundaries, give particularly striking evidence for the temporal complexity of human speech. But contributions also consider the integration of tonal and vocalic elements into syllable structure. The main aim of the volume is to do justice to this complexity by bringing together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds.

The book is organized into four main sections entitled ‘Phonology and Typology’, ‘Production: Analysis and Models’, ‘Acquisition’, and ‘Assimilation and reduction in connected speech’.


Introduction S. 1
Part I: Phonology and Typology
Vennemann, Theo:
  Structural complexity of consonant clusters: A phonologist's view S. 9
Kreitman, Rina:
  On the relations between [sonorant] and [voice] S. 33
Tokizaki, Hisao / Kuwana, Yasutomo:
  Limited consonant clusters on OV languages S. 71
Tzakosta, Marina:
  Manner, place and voice interactions in Greek cluster phonotactics S. 93
Várnai, Zsuzsa:
  Consonant clusters in four Samoyedic languages S. 119
Part II: Production: analysis and models
Hermes, Anne / Grice, Martine / Mücke, Doris / Niemann, Henrik:
  Articulatory coordination and the syllabification of word initial consonant clusters in Italian S. 157
Marin, Stefania / Goldstein, Louis:
  A gestural model of the temporal organization of vowel clusters in Romanian S. 177
Mücke, Doris / Nam, Hosung / Hermes, Anne / Goldstein, Louis:
  Coupling of tone and constriction gestures in pitch accents S. 205
Hu, Fang:
  Tonogenesis in Lhasa Tibetan – Towards a gestural account S. 231
Part III: Acquisition
Boll-Avetisyan, Natalie:
  Probabilistic phonotactics in lexical acquisition: The role of syllable complexity S. 257
Ferré, Sandrine / Tuller, Laurice / Sizaret, Eva / Barthez, Marie-Anne:
  Acquiring and avoiding phonological complexity in SLI vs. typical development of French: The case of consonant clusters S. 285
Part IV: Assimilation and reduction in connected speech
Bergmann, Pia:
  Articulatory reduction and assimilation in n#g sequences in complex words in German S. 311
Halpert, Claire:
  Overlap-Driven Consequences of Nasal Place Assimilation S. 345
Topintzi, Nina / Baltazani, Mary:
  The acoustics of high-vowel loss in Northern Greek dialects and typological implications S. 369
List of contributors S. 399
Subject index S. 401
Language index S. 407