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Nolda, Andreas / Teuber, Oliver (Hrsg.): Syntax and Morphology Multidimensional. V/293 S. - Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter, 2011.
ISBN: 978-3-11-023874-7

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[Buch] IDS-Bibliothek: Sig. QA 4076
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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / Boston: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-023875-4

This volume collects papers that discuss theoretical or empirical problems from a multidimensional view of syntax and morphology, presupposing frameworks such as LFG, HPSG, the Parallel Architecture, or Integrational Linguistics, where syntactic and morphological objects are conceived as constructs with multiple, interrelated components.


Nolda, Andreas / Teuber, Oliver:
  Introduction: Multiple dimensions in syntax and morphology S. 1
Jackendoff, Ray:
  The Parallel Architecture and its place in cognitive science S. 17
Göksel, Aslı:
  A phono-syntactic template for Turkish: Base-generating free word order S. 45
Crysmann, Berthold:
  A coanalysis approach to Polish past tense agreement S. 77
Wiese, Bernd:
  Optimal specifications: On case marking in Polish IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 101
Lieb, Hans-Heinrich / Friedrich, Svetlana:
  Case competition in Russian: Genitive vs. accusative and nominative
An integrational account
S. 129
Viguier, Marie-Hélène:
  How can the polysemy of syntactic categories be conciliated with semantic coherence?
Syntactic and lexical factors for the emergence of a global signification of the imparfait in French
S. 187
Nikitina, Tatiana:
  On lexical and syntactic licensing of category mixing S. 217
Mutz, Katrin:
  AUTO- and INTER- versus (?) SE: Remarks on interaction and competition between word formation and syntax S. 239
Fuhrhop, Nanna:
  The interaction between morphology and syntax exhibited by the German writing system S. 259
Subject index S. 289