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Alexiadou, Artemis / Rathert, Monika (Hrsg.): The Syntax of Nominalizations across Languages and Frameworks. XI/258 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2010.
ISBN: 978-3-11-024586-8

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-024587-5

The volume explores the syntax of nominalizations, focusing on deverbal and deadjectival nominalizations, but also discussing the syntax of genitives and the syntax of distinct readings of nominalizations. The volume investigates the morpholgy-syntax interface as well as the semantics-syntax interface in the domain of nominalizations. The theoretical frameworks include distributed morphology, and minimalist syntax. Data from a variety of languages are taken into consideration, e.g. Hebrew, Bulgarian, Serbian, French, Spanish, German and English.


Preface S. V
Contributors S. IX
Alexiadou, Artemis / Rathert, Monika:
  Introduction S. 1
Alexiadou, Artemis / Schäfer, Florian:
  On the syntax of episodic vs. dispositional -er nominals S. 9
Bašić, Monika:
  On the morphological make-up of nominalizations in Serbian S. 39
Fábregas, Antonio:
  A syntactic account of affix rivalry in Spanish nominalizations S. 67
Markova, Angelina:
  The syntax of deverbal nominals in Bulgarian S. 93
Roy, Isabelle:
  Deadjectival nominalizations and the structure of the adjective S. 129
Sichel, Ivy:
  Event-structure constraints on nominalization S. 159
Sleeman, Petra / Brito, Ana Maria:
  Aspect and argument structure of deverbal nominalizations: A split vP analysis S. 199
Solstad, Torgrim:
  Post-nominal genitives and prepositional phrases in German: A uniform analysis S. 219
Author index S. 253
Subject index S. 256