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Fuchs, Susanne / Toda, Martine / Żygis, Marzena (Hrsg.): Turbulent Sounds. An Interdisciplinary Guide. XII/384 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2010.
ISBN: 978-3-11-022657-7
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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-022658-4

No sound class requires so much basic knowledge of phonology, acoustics, aerodynamics, and speech production as obstruents (turbulent sounds) do. This book is intended to bridge a gap by introducing the reader to the world of obstruents from a multidisciplinary perspective. It starts with a review of typological processes, continues with various contributions to the phonetics-phonology interface, explains the realization of specific turbulent sounds in endangered languages, and finishes with surveys of obstruents from a sociophonetic, physical and pathological perspective.


Fuchs, Susanne / Toda, Martine / Żygis, Marzena:
  Preface S. V
Hall, T. A. / Żygis, Marzena:
  An overview of the phonology of obstruents S. 1
Ohala, John J. / Solé, Maria-Josep:
  Turbulence and phonology S. 37
Bárkányi, Zsuzsanna / Kiss Zoltán:
  A phonetic approach to the phonology of v: A case study from Hungarian and Slovak S. 103
Kim, Hyunsoon / Maeda, Shinji / Honda, Kiyoshi / Hans, Stephane:
  The laryngeal characterization of Korean fricatives: Acoustic and aerodynamic data S. 143
Gordeeva, Olga, B / Scobbie, James M.:
  Preaspiration as a correlate of word-final voice in Scottish English fricatives S. 167
Grawunder, Sven / Simpson, Adrian / Khalilov, Madzhid:
  Phonetic characteristics of ejectives – samples from Caucasian languages S. 209
Miller, Amanda L.:
  Tongue body and tongue root shape differences in N|uu clicks correlate with phonotactic patterns S. 245
Fuchs, Susanne / Toda, Martine:
  Do differences in male versus female /s/ reflect biological or sociophonetic factors? S. 281
Gibbon, Fiona E. / Lee, Alice:
  Producing turbulent speech sounds in the context of cleft palate S. 303
Toda, Martine / Maeda, Shinji / Honda, Kiyoshi:
  Formant-cavity affiliation in sibilant fricatives S. 343
Subject index S. 375