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Mereu, Lunella (Hrsg.): Information Structure and its Interfaces. VII/429 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2009.
ISBN: 978-3-11-020877-1

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-021397-3

The volume presents recent results in the field of Information Structure based on research on Italian and Italian dialects, and on further studies on several typologically different languages. The central idea is that Information Structure is not an exclusive matter of syntax but an interface issue which involves the interplay of at least the phonological, morpho-syntactic and semantic-pragmatic levels of analysis. In addition, the volume is based on the study of actual language use and it adopts a cross-linguistic point of view.


Acknowledgements S. VII
Introduction S. 1
Section 1: Interfaces of information structure
Crocco, Claudia:
  Topic accent and prosodic structure S. 15
Scarano, Antonietta:
  The prosodic annotation of C-ORAL-ROM and the structure of information in spoken language S. 51
Mereu, Lunella:
  Universals of information structure S. 75
Section 2: Grammar and information structure in Italian and some of its dialects
Bernini, Giuliano:
  Constructions with preposed infinitive: Typological and pragmatic notes S. 105
Floricic, Franck:
  Negation and “Focus Clash” in Sardinian S. 129
Mauro Mirto, Ignazio:
  Do-support in a Sicilian variety, an Italian pseudo-cleft, and the packaging of information S. 153
Cresti, Emanuela:
  Clitics and anaphoric relations in informational patterning: A corpusdriven research on spontaneous spoken Italian (C-ORAL-ROM) S. 169
Tucci, Ida:
  The informational structure and the scope of lexical modality in spoken Italian (C-ORAL-ROM) S. 203
Section 3: Diachronic aspects in Italian
Fesenmeier, Ludwig:
  On two functions of verb-subject order in Old Italian S. 229
Suzuki, Shingo:
  Between thematicity and grammaticalisation: The diachronic rearrangement of information structure and the position of clitic pronouns in Italian S. 269
Section 4: Pragmatically oriented languages
Gebert, Lucyna:
  Information structure in Slavic languages S. 307
Frascarelli, Mara / Puglielli, Annarita:
  Position, function and interpretation of topics in Somali S. 325
Section 5: Some more aspects of information structure
Chini, Marina:
  Acquiring the grammar of topicality in L2 Italian: A comparative approach S. 351
Lombardi Vallauri, Edoardo:
  “Appendix” or “postposed Topic”: Where does the difference lie? S. 387
Contributors S. 413
Index of subjects S. 415
Index of languages S. 421
Index of persons S. 423