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Gunkel, Lutz / Zifonun, Gisela (Hrsg.): Explorations in Nominal Inflection. VI/404 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2004.
ISBN: 3-11-018287-4

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-019750-1

Explorations in Nominal Inflection is a collection of new articles that focus on nominal inflection markers in different languages. The studies are concerned with the morphological inventories of markers, their syntactic distribution, and, importantly, the interaction between the two. As a result, the contributions shed new light on the morphology/syntax interface, and on the role of morpho-syntactic features in mediating between the two components. Issues that feature prominently throughout are inflection class, case, gender, number, animacy, syncretism, iconicity, agreement, the status of paradigms, the nature of morpho-syntactic features, and the structure of nominal projections. Recurrent analytical tools involve the concepts of competition (optimality, specificity), underspecification, and economy, in various theoretical frameworks.


Müller, Gereon / Gunkel, Lutz / Zifonun, Gisela:
  Introduction IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Alexiadou, Artemis:
  Inflection Class, Gender and DP Internal Structure S. 21
Blevins, James P.:
  Inflection Classes and Economy S. 51
Eisenberg, Peter & Sayatz, Ulrike:
  Left of Number. Animacy and Plurality in German Nouns S. 97
Gallmann, Peter:
  Feature Sharing in DPs S. 121
Karnowski, Pawel & Pafel, Jürgen:
  A Topological Schema for Noun Phrases in German S. 161
Müller, Gereon:
  On Decomposing Inflection Class Features: Syncretism in Russian Noun Inflection S. 189
Ortmann, Albert:
  A Factorial Typology of Number Marking in Noun Phrases: The Tension between Economy and Faithfulness S. 229
Sternefeld, Wolfgang:
  Feature Checking, Case, and Agreement in German DPs S. 269
Thieroff, Rolf:
  Feminine vs. Non-Feminine Noun Phrases in German S. 301
Wiese, Bernd:
  Categories and Paradigms. On Underspecification in Russian Declension IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 321
Wunderlich, Dieter:
  Is There Any Need for the Concept of Directional Syncretism? S. 373
Index S. 397
Contributors S. 405