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Lohnstein, Horst / Trissler, Susanne (Hrsg.): The Syntax and Semantics of the Left Periphery. VI/523 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2004.
ISBN: 978-3-11-018121-0

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-091211-1

The left periphery of clausal structures has been a prominent topic of research in generative linguistics during the last decades. Closer examination of its properties unfolds a rich array of perspectives like the status of barriers for extraction and government, the articulation of the topic focus structure, the fixation of wh-scope, the marking of clausal types, the interaction of syntactic structure with inflectional morphology as well as the determination of sentence mood and illocutionary force to mention just a few. The purpose of this book is to collect different and relevant studies in this field and to give a general overview of the various theoretical approaches concerned with morphological, syntactic and semantic properties together with the diachronic development of the left periphery.


Lohnstein, Horst / Trissler, Susanne:
  Theoretical developments of the left periphery S. 1
Axel, Katrin:
  The syntactic integration of preposed adverbial clauses on the German left periphery: A diachronic perspective S. 23
Bayer, Josef:
  Decomposing the left periphery
Dialectal and cross-linguistic evidence
S. 59
Brandner, Ellen:
  Head-movement in minimalism, and V2 as FORCE-marking S. 97
d'Avis, Franz Josef:
  In front of the prefield – inside or outside the clause? S. 139
Eden, Jan:
  Uniformity and variation: On the relation of wh-phrases and sentence mood in German S. 179
Frey, Werner:
  Notes on the syntax and the pragmatics of German Left Dislocation S. 203
Lohnstein, Horst / Bredel, Ursula:
  Inflectional morphology and sentence mood in German S. 235
Lutz, Uli:
  ET, parasitic gaps, and German clause structure S. 265
Meinunger, André:
  Verb position, verbal mood and the anchoring (potential) of sentences S. 313
Obenauer, Hans-Georg:
  Nonstandard wh-questions and alternative checkers in Pagotto S. 343
Schwabe, Kerstin:
  The particle li and the left periphery of Slavic yes/no interrogatives IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 385
von Stechow, Arnim:
  Binding by verbs: Tense, person, and mood unter attitudes S. 431
Wöllstein, Angelika:
  Complementizer selection and the properties of complement clauses in German IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 489
Index S. 519