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Lang, Ewald / Maienborn, Claudia / Fabricius-Hansen, Cathrine (Hrsg.): Modifying Adjuncts. VI/657 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2003.
ISBN: 978-3-11-017352-9

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-089464-6

Unlike the notion of "argument" that is central to modern linguistic theorizing, the phenomena that are commonly subsumed under the complementary notion "adjunct" so far have not attracted the attention they deserve. In this volume, leading experts in the field present current approaches to the grammar and pragmatics of adjuncts. The contributions scrutinize i.a. the argument-adjunct distinction, specify conditions of adjunct placement, discuss compositionality issues, and propose new analyses of event-related modification. They are meant to shed new light on an area of linguistic structure that is deemed to be notoriously overlooked.


Lang, Ewald / Maienborn, Claudia / Fabricius-Hansen, Cathrine:
  Modifying (the grammar of) adjuncts: An introduction S. 1
Part A: The argument-adjunct distinction
Dowty, David:
  The dual analysis of adjuncts/complements in Categorial Grammar S. 33
Partee. Barbara H. / Borschev, Vladimir:
  Genitives, relational nouns, and argument-modifier ambiguity S. 67
Bierwisch, Manfred:
  Heads, complements, adjuncts: Projection and saturation S. 113
Part B: Adjunct placement
Frey, Werner:
  Syntactic conditions on adjunct classes S. 163
Shaer, Benjamin:
  "Manner" adverbs and the association theory: Some problems and solutions S. 211
Eckardt, Regine:
  Manner adverbs and information structure: Evidence from the adverbial modification of verbs of creation S. 261
Ernst, Thomas:
  Semantic features and the distribution of adverbs S. 307
Rosengren, Inger:
  Clause-final left-adjunction S. 335
Part C: Case studies on wieder/again
Pittner, Karin:
  Process, eventuality, and wieder/again S. 365
Jäger, Gerhard / Blutner, Reinhard:
  Competition and interpretation: The German adverb wieder ('again') S. 393
von Stechow, Arnim:
  How are results represented and modified?
Remarks on Jäger & Blutners's anti-decomposition
S. 417
Part D: Flexibility of eventuality-related modification
Katz, Graham:
  Event arguments, adverb selection, and the Stative Adverb Gap S. 455
Maienborn, Claudia:
  Event-internal modifiers: Semantic underspecification and conceptual interpretation S. 475
Dölling, Johannes:
  Flexibility in adverbal modification: Reinterpretation as contextual enrichment S. 511
Rothstein, Susan:
  Secondary predication and aspectual structure S. 553
Demjjanow, Assinja / Strigin, Anatoli:
  Real adjuncts in the Instrumental in Russian S. 591
Zimmermann, Ilse:
  German participle II constructions as adjuncts S. 627
Subject index S. 651