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Alexiadou, Artemis / Rathert, Monika / Stechow, Arnim von (Hrsg.): Perfect Explorations. XXXVIII/404 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2003.
ISBN: 978-3-11-017229-4

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-090235-8

This volume contains contributions dealing with the syntax, morphology, semantics, and diachronic development of the Perfect and the components it is built on across languages. The volume brings these aspects together, working towards a comprehensive theory of the Perfect which takes into consideration the interfaces between the various components of the grammar. Issues addressed include: the temporal vs. aspectual character of the perfect, the contribution of adverbial modification, the structure of the perfect participle.


Alexiadou, Artemis / Rathert, Monika / von Stechow, Arnim:
  Introduction: the modules of Perfect constructions S. VII
Anagnostopoulou, Elena:
  Participles and voice S. 1
Arosio, Fabrizio:
  Temporal homogeneity and the Italian Perfect S. 37
Fassi Fehri, Abdelkader:
  Arabic Perfect and temporal adverbs S. 69
Giannakidou, Anastasia:
  A puzzle about until and the Present Perfect S. 101
Iatridou, Sabine:
  A little bit more on the English Perfect S. 133
Iatridou, Sabine / Anagnostopoulou, Elena / Pancheva, Roumyana:
  Observations about the form and meaning of the Perfect S. 153
Katz, Graham:
  On the stativity of the English Perfect S. 205
Moser, Amalia:
  Tense, aspect, and the Greek Perfect S. 235
Musan, Renate:
  Seit-adverbials in Perfect constructions S. 253
Pancheva, Roumyana:
  The aspectual makeup of Perfect participles and the interpretations of the Perfect S. 277
Paslawska, Alla / von Stechow, Arnim:
  Perfect readings in Russian S. 307
Rathert, Monika:
  Universal-existential puzzles S. 363
Veloudis, Ioannis:
  Possession and conversation: the case of the category Perfect S. 381
Subject Index S. 401
Author Index S. 403