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Dehé, Nicole / Jackendoff, Ray / McIntyre, Andrew / Urban, Silke (Hrsg.): Verb-Particle Explorations. VIII/388 S. - Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2002.
ISBN: 978-3-11-017228-7

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E-Book (PDF). Berlin / New York: de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-090234-1

The contributions in this book are a representative cross-section of recent research on verb-particle constructions. The syntactic, semantic, morphological, and psycholinguistic phenomena associated with the constructions in English, Dutch, German, and Swedish are analyzed from the various different theoretical viewpoints.


Preface S. V
Introduction S. 1
1. Particle verbs: Syntactic, morphological and semantic perspectives
Booij, Geert:
  Separable complex verbs in Dutch: A case of periphrastic word formation S. 21
Cappelle, Bert:
  And up it rises: Particle preposing in English S. 43
Jackendoff, Ray:
  English particle constructions, the lexicon, and the autonomy of syntax S. 67
McIntyre, Andrew:
  Idiosyncrasy in particle verbs S. 95
Müller, Stefan:
  Syntax or morphology: German particle verbs revisited S. 119
Neeleman, Ad:
  Particle placement S. 141
Nicol, Fabrice:
  Extended VP-shells and the verb-particle construction S. 165
Toivonen, Ida:
  Swedish particles and syntactic projection S. 191
van Marle, Jaap:
  Dutch separable compound verbs: Words rather than phrases? S. 211
Zeller, Jochen:
  Particle verbs are heads and phrases S. 233
2. Particle verbs: Statistical and psycholinguistic perspectives
Gries, Stefan:
  The influence of processing on syntactic variation: Particle placement in English S. 269
Hillert, Dieter / Ackerman, Farrell:
  Accessing and parsing phrasal predicates S. 289
Lüdeling, Anke / de Jong, Nivja:
  German particle verbs and word formation S. 315
Urban, Silke:
  Parsing verb particle constructions: An approach based on event-related potentials (ERP) S. 335
References S. 355
Index S. 381
Contributors S. 387