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Stickel, Gerhard (Hrsg.): Language Use in Business and Commerce in Europe. Contributions to the Annual Conference 2008 of EFNIL in Lisbon. 201 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang, 2010.
ISBN: 978-3-631-58803-1
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E-Book (PDF). Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang. ISBN: 978-3-653-00206-5

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The linguistic domains of business and commerce are especially affected by the economic and communicative globalization. Since language use in these domains has an impact on the use of a language in other domains, the future development of the European languages will not mainly depend on language-internal processes, but will increasingly be influenced by the use of English as the international vehicular language. The present development in Europe is discussed in several overview articles and a series of reports on the specific situation in various European countries. In addition, the Lisbon Resolution of EFNIL, pointing at the advantages of multilingualism in international business, is presented in 26 languages including the 23 official languages of the European Union. It calls the EU and its members to acknowledge languages as key factors for economic success, also from the perspective of consumers and workers.


Luz Afonso, Simonetta:
  Notas de Boas Vindas / Welcome Notes S. 9
Stickel, Gerhard:
  Abertura / Opening IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 17
Hagen, Stephen:
  Mapping successful language use in international business: How, when and where do European companies achieve success? S. 23
Esperança, José Paulo:
  An Eclectic Approach to Language Valuation: The Global Influence of the Portuguese Language S. 35
Bressé, Sophie:
  L'usage des langues étrangères dans les entreprises françaises S. 49
Rønhof, Charlotte:
  Linguistic conditions in Danish industries S. 61
Verstraete-Hansen, Lisbeth:
  En route vers le tout-anglais?
Pratiques et représentations des langues étrangères dans les entreprises danoises
S. 67
Stegu, Martin:
  Language needs in business: myths and realities
Considérations générales et autrichiennes
S. 79
Nuolijärvi, Pirkko:
  Language in business and commerce in Finland S. 91
Berg, Guy:
  Active multilingualism in Luxembourg
The use of languages in a stable polyglossic economy
S. 105
Pisarek, Walery:
  Language use in business and commerce in Poland S. 111
Kvaran, Guðrun:
  The Icelandic language in business and commerce in Iceland S. 117
Cilianu-Lascu, Corina / Sala, Marius:
  Les langues de la communication professionnelle dans les entreprises de Roumanie: enjeux, réalités, perspectives S. 123
Čermák, František:
  Leading questions and answers on the situation in individual countries: Situation in Czechia S. 135
Dular, Janez:
  Gebrauch der Sprachen im europaweiten Geschäfts- und Handelsverkehr – Slowenien S. 139
The Lisbon Resolution of EFNIL on language use in business and commerce in Europe S. 143
Contacts S. 197
EFNIL: Members and associate member institutions S. 199