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Band 77:
David, Maya Khemlani / McLellan, James / Rafik-Galea, Shameem / Abdullah, Ain Nadzimah (Hrsg.): Code Switching in Malaysia. XVI/230 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang, 2009.
ISBN: 978-3-631-59564-0

Code switching seems to be natural for most multilingual speakers because they can switch from different languages freely depending on what is available in their linguistic repertoire. This collection of studies aims to bring current Malaysian code switching and language alternation research to the attention of a worldwide readership. In so doing we attempt to follow the path taken by our late friend, colleague and mentor, Professor Rodolfo Jacobson. The approach and conceptual framework adopted by the contributors in this volume tends to focus more towards the functional rather than the purely linguistic or grammatical. Research into Malaysian code switching demonstrates the need to seek out ways of merging these approaches, rather than keeping them separate, and several of the chapters in this volume attempt such a merger of approaches and methods.


Preface S. VII
Notes on Contributors S. XIV
A: Code Switching in the Family Domain
David, Maya Khemlani / Ching Hei, Kuang / McLellan, James / Hashim, Fatimah:
  Functions of code switching in the family domain in Malaysia S. 3
Mohd Jan, Jariah:
  Code switching for power wielding: Children's discourse in a Malay family S. 29
McLellan, James / Nojeg, Rosalind:
  Lexical choice and 3-way code switching in Bau-Jagoi Bidayuh discourse S. 49
David, Maya Khemlani / Dealwis, Caesar:
  Language Choice, Code switching and Language Shift: The Telegus of Kuching S. 61
B: Code Switching in the Educational Domain
Ariffin, Kamisah:
  The interaction of language, topic and speakers: Code switching in classroom discourse S. 81
David, Maya Khemlani / Chin Chye, Lim:
  Language choices of Malaysian youth in and out of the classroom S. 97
Muthusamy, Paramasivam / Rajantheran, M.:
  Communicative functions of code switching among Tamil undergraduates S. 109
Kow Yip Cheng, Karen:
  Code switching in the language classroom: A pedagogical tool? S. 121
C: Code Switching in Professional Domains
Powell, Richard:
  Language alternation in Malaysian courtrooms and comparisons with other common law jurisdictions S. 135
David, Maya Khemlani / Yoong Soon Chye, David:
  Code switching in eldercare S. 153
Habil, Hadina / Rafik-Galea, Shameem:
  Code switching in organisational email discourse S. 169
David, Maya Khemlani / McLellan, James / Ching Hei, Kuang / Nadzimah Abdullah, Ain:
  Code switching practices in newspaper headlines in Malaysia: A 50-year comparative study and lexical analysis S. 179
McLellan, James:
  Keeping the beast in its cage: Compartmentalization of English in the Malay world S. 203
Index of Authors S. 225
Subject Index S. 229