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Band 76:
Valenzuela, Javier / Rojo, Ana / Soriano, Cristina (Hrsg.): Trends in Cognitive Linguistics. Theoretical and Applied Models. XIV/292 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang, 2009.
ISBN: 978-3-631-57307-5

This book aims to give a general overview of the current theoretical and applied models which are being developed in the field of Cognitive Linguistics. With this purpose in mind, a number of papers have been selected from some of the most representative areas in the cognitive linguistics arena: mental imagery, metaphor and metonymy, cognitive grammar and construction grammar, the pragmatic and discourse background of language use and linguistic relativism. Some of the contributions presented herein propose new ways to refine existing theoretical frameworks: others apply some of those existing theoretical proposals to specific areas; and a final group aims to provide empirical grounding to some of the theoretical assumptions found in Cognitive Linguistics.


Valenzuela, Javier / Rojo, Ana / Soriano, Cristina:
  Introduction S. VII
Barcelona, Antonio:
  The recurrent operation of conceptual metonymy in grammar and discourse: A case study of an authentic text portion S. 1
Kraljevic, Blanca:
  Linguistic and pictorial metonymy in advertising S. 13
Soriano, Cristina / Valenzuela, Javier:
  Is control really up? A psycholinguistic exploration S. 29
Silvestre Lopez, Antonio José:
  Topology, force-dynamics, and function in prepositional verbs S. 51
Verhaert, Anne:
  El gerundio no perifrástico del español: Una aproximación cognoscitivo-funcional S. 65
Coll-Florit, Marta / Castellón, Irene / Climent, Salvador / Santiago, Julio:
  Realidad psicológica del aspecto léxico Evidencias experimentales S. 85
De Saeger, Bram:
  Usos argumentacionales de los verbos de actitud proposicional S. 101
Delbecque, Nicole:
  (De)queísmo: una cuestión de perspectiva y alternancia parte/todo S. 119
Marín Arrese, Juana:
  Passive and Construal: Non-optionality in agentive passives S. 145
Josep Cuenca, M:
  Construcciones idiomáticas idiomáticas: Repetición y efectos de prototipicidad S. 179
Villamil, Asunción:
  The teaching schema and peripheral cases of grammar category "Indirect Object" in English and Spanish S. 197
Rojo, Ana / Valenzuela, Javier:
  Moving entities fictitiously S. 221
Ibarretxe, Iraide:
  Lexicalisation patterns and sound symbolism in Basque S. 239
Molsing, Karina:
  The place of linguistic relativity in cognitive science: The case of time S. 255
Alonso Marks, Emilia / Oroz Bretón, Nekane / Bond, Z. S. / Stockmal, Verna / McKenna, Liz:
  Monolingual / bilingual children's abilities to distinguish novel languages S. 279