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Band 70:
Simo Bobda, Augustin (Hrsg.): Explorations into Language Use in Africa. XIV/237 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang, 2008.
ISBN: 978-3-631-56239-0
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As the title suggests, this collection explores some of the many facets of the language question as experienced by Africans today. This language question in Africa involves, in one way or another, the various languages used on the continent, namely the exoglossics languages, the indigenous languages, and pidginised languages like Pidgin English. It has to do with status planning, but also the structural forms of the languages considered. It has been examined in a multitude of scientific publications and in different fora, including the 2004 LAUD symposium whose main theme was «Empowerment through language», of which this book is an emanation and an extension.


Acknowledgements S. VII
Simo Bobda, Augustin:
  Introduction S. XI
Part I: Language planning and other sociolinguistic issues
Fishman, Joshua A.:
  Leadership trajectories in the language planning process S. 3
Dirven, René / Pütz, Martin:
  Language conflict seen from the viewpoint of the rationalist and romantic models S. 11
Webb, Vic:
  The sustainability of South Africa's pluralist language policy S. 29
Sure, Kembo:
  Promotion and sustenance of multilingualism: Partnership between the private sector and the government S. 55
Tamanji, Pius N.:
  Globalization and African languages: Regression in linguistic diversity S. 71
Mutaka, Ngessimo M.:
  Ecosystem of the Vute-Banyo area and language endangerment S. 95
Part II: Features of African languages
Kenmogne, Michel:
  Tone assignment on nominal forms in Bakoko S. 113
Pulleyblank, Douglas:
  Yoruba vowel pattems: Asymmetries through phonological competition S. 125
Part III: Varieties of English
Simo Bobda, Augustin:
  Predictability of word stress in African English: Evidence from Nigerian English and Cameroon English S. 161
Mbangwana, Paul:
  Discourse and self-validation as hallmarks of advertisement S. 183
Juffermans, Kasper:
  Local emplacement and global identities in signboard and billboard literacies in urban Gambia S. 197
Peter, Lothar / Wolf, Hans-Georg:
  Compiling an exclusive dictionary of West African English: A report on work in progress S. 221
Subject Index S. 235