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Band 62:
David, Maya Khemlani / Burhanudeen, Hafriza / Abdullah, Ain Nadzimah (Hrsg.): The Power of Language and the Media. 203 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang, 2006.
ISBN: 3-631-53753-0

Media matters to politicians, celebrities, advertisers, teachers, and to anyone who depends on media for information, or finds themselves affected by their representations and images. A detailed linguistic analysis of media enriches our understanding of the power of language and informs readers how they are positioned by such linguistic representations. This book is concerned with the analysis of language in various media and textual examples from talk-back television chat shows, advertisements, editorials and news stories are used to provide a critical awareness of language in the media. The linguistic elements examined encompass rhetorical structures, semiotics, back channeling cues, and sequencing. Readers will have a better understanding of media language analysis and the theories that underpin it. Some of the papers were originally presented at an International Conference on Language and Communication in the Media and held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from April 27-29, 2004. Other papers have been solicited.


Prologue S. VII
Khubchandani, Lachman M:
  Mass Media, Plural Societies and 'Right to Communicate': Exploring A New Communication Order S. 1
Burhanudeen, Hafriza:
  Discourses of Difference: The Water Issue between Malaysia and Singapore S. 7
David, Maya Khemlani:
  Media Framing of a Rape and Murder of a Child in English dailies in Malaysia S. 22
Hua, Ng Siew / Heng, Chan Swee:
  Argumentation as a Communicative Goal: Strategies that Newspaper Editorials Use S. 37
Mohd Doh, Zuraidah / Li, Lean Mei:
  Metaphors of Embodiment and the Media Reporting of AIDS S. 52
David, Maya Khemlani / Hei, Kuang Ching:
  Revisioning Aging: A Semiotic Analysis of a New Magazine S. 61
Hasan Kahn, Mahmud / Hare, Adrian:
  Newsmagazine Stories: Whose Agenda is that by the Way? S. 70
Tolson, Andrew:
  Conversational Controversies in Broadcast News S. 85
Shahriar Haque, Muhammed:
  Media Discourse: Television News as a Form of Entertainment/Popular Culture S. 99
Daud Ibrahim, Ahmad / Rafik-Galea, Shameem:
  Back Channeling in Media Discourse: The Case of a Malaysian Talk Show S. 115
Mohd Jan, Jariah:
  Entertainment Talk on Television: Will They Ever Go Away? S. 130
Yoong Soon Chye, David:
  Boycotting an International Tourism Company: A Critical Discourse Perspective S. 146
Behnam, Biook / Piadeh, Hanieh:
  Discourse of Advertising: A Comparative Study of Advertisements in English and Persian S. 162
Noor Mohd, Faridah / Thurnavuk Arasoo, Vasanthi:
  Persuasion in the Advertisements of Local Private Institutions of Higher Learning S. 180
Notes on Contributors S. 195
Author Index S. 198
Subject Index S. 200