Duisburger Arbeiten zur Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft

Band 37:
Biebuyck, Benjamin / Dirven, René / Ries, John (Hrsg.): Faith and Fiction. Interdisciplinary Studies on the Interplay between Metaphor and Religion. A Selection of Papers from the 25th LAUD-Symposium of the Gerhard Mercator University of Duisburg on 'Metaphor and Religion'. 253 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1998.
ISBN: 3-631-33760-4

Faith and Fiction is a collection of essays which partly stems from the 25th LAUD-Symposium on 'Metaphor and Religion' (University of Duisburg, April 1-5, 1997). It investigates the relationship between religious experience and the use of metaphors and thus explores the tensions between faith and fiction. Herein, special attention is paid to the type of situation in which the confrontation of a community or an individual with religion is not self-evident or even discordant. In order to address the diversity of the problem area, the volume opts for an interdisciplinary approach. Section I analyses 'religious metaphors' from the viewpoint of contemporary linguistics. In section II, the significance of metaphors in a 'meta-religious' discourse is considered. The philosophical dialogue with religion and metaphor is discussed in section III, and the final section submits religious poems to a formal and interpretative examination.


Biebuyck, Benjamin:
  Faith or Fiction? Introduction S. 7
Section I: An Analytic Approach – Speaking about Religious Metaphors
Wierzbicka, Anna:
  The Meaning of Jesus' Parabels. A Semantic Approach to the Gospels S. 17
Botha, Willem J.:
  The Love Frame in the Bible. A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis S. 56
Szende, Tamás:
  Upside-down Metaphors of 'Father'
The Case of Hungarian Oaths and Invective Formulas
S. 84
Section II: An Integrative Approach – Speaking through Religion
Selçuk, Mualla:
  The Use of Metaphors in Islamic Education S. 99
Orye, Lieve:
  Two Faces of Religious Metaphor
Investigating the Problematic Dialogue between Religious Studies and Theology
S. 115
Section III: A Dialogical Approach – Speaking with Religious Metaphors
Demoen, Kristoffel:
  Metaphor and the Ancient Trinitarian Debate
Analogical Language in the Theological Orations of Gregory Nazianzen
S. 137
Ries, John:
  Faith Seeking Words. Metaphor and Kierkegaard's Silentio S. 154
Biebuyck, Benjamin:
  Nietzsche's Curse on Christianity
Explorations of the Power of Creative Metaphor
S. 190
Section IV: A Formal Approach – Speaking in Religious Metaphors
Ribes, Purificación:
  The Pregnancy of Metaphor
Multi-layered Figuration in John Donne's Batter my Heart
S. 221
Grundy, Peter:
  And the Analogy was to God
Propositional Meaning and Linguistic Form in Gerard Manley Hopkins's The Windhover
S. 240