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Gerbig, Andrea: Lexical and Grammatical Variation in a Corpus. A Computer-Assisted Study of Discourse on the Environment. 237 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1997.
ISBN: 3-631-31734-4
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This work analyses a corpus of written data of about half a million words on an environmental topic of contemporary political importance. Based on computer-assisted approaches of corpus analysis, it develops quantitative, text-internal methods for the comparison of various corpora and parts of corpora. One of the major aims of the investigation is to make clear the way in which different interpretations of the political topic by the various interest groups are realised linguistically in these texts. It also attempts to show how this realisation mediates and construes reality for the different groups of recipients. Such stylistic comparisons are based on detailed analyses of key lexico-grammatical and semantic structures.


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List of tables and figures S. 9
Data conventions and terminology S. 11
Acknowledgements S. 12
1.   Socio-Political Background: Ethnographic Description of the Data Collection S. 13
2.   Corpus Linguistics: Development and Basic Principles S. 43
3.   Quantitative Methods of Corpus Description and Comparison S. 75
4.   Case Studies: The Representation of Agency, Causation and Responsibility S. 149
5.   Conclusions and some Implications for Linguistic Theory, Description and Application S. 199
Appendix S. 210
References S. 230