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Pütz, Martin (Hrsg.): The Cultural Context in Foreign Language Teaching. VIII/245 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1997.
ISBN: 3-631-32338-7
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E-Book (PDF). Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / Bruxelles / New York / Oxford / Wien: Lang. ISBN: 978-3-653-01925-4

The present book is a collection of selected papers held at the 23rd International LAUD Symposium on «The Cultural Context in Communication Across Languages» (26-31 March 1997) in Duisburg, Germany. The papers included in this volume highlight several aspects pertaining to the cultural dimension of foreign language teaching and learning. The topics covered range from theoretical accounts on text, language, and culture through to empirically-based aspects of non-native discourse as well as sociolinguistic and cultural awareness in foreign language teaching. Finally, the volume brings together contributions from a wide variety of languages and cultural settings.
The Cultural Context in Foreign Language Teaching will interest students of educational linguistics and language pedagogy, intercultural communication and discourse analysis.


Pütz, Martin:
  Preface S. VIII
Section 1: Theoretical orientation: Perspectives on text, language, and culture
Bredella, Lothar:
  Literary texts and intercultural understanding S. 3
Kaplan, Robert B.:
  Is there a problem in writing and reading texts across languages S. 19
Braecke, Chris / Geluykens, Ronald / Pelsmaekers, Katja:
  Clause ordering as a text-building device in written L2 S. 35
Section 2: Lexico-grammatical and conversational issues in non-native discourse
Inchaurralde, Carlos:
  What is behind a word: cultural scripts S. 55
Braecke, Chris / Cuyckens, Hubert / Geluykens, Ronald / Jacobs, Geert:
  The use of modal auxiliaries in non-native communicative style S. 67
Fetzer, Anita:
  Negative contextualization: a socio-semiotic approach to foreign language teaching S. 85
Section 3: Raising sociolinguistic and cultural awareness in FLT
Simpson, Colin:
  Cultural competence and FL comprehension S. 113
Heidemann, Angela:
  'Not everyone's cup of tea'
The problem of interculturality in foreign language teaching illustration
S. 125
Marquéz Reiter, Rosina:
  Sensitising Spanish learners of English to cultural differences: the case of politeness S. 143
Pütz, Martin:
  Teaching sociolinguistics: language and some socio-cognitive processes at work S. 157
Section 4: Languages and education in multilingual communities
van der Walt, Christa:
  Teaching the emergent culture of an official English in South Africa S. 187
Prins, Elise:
  Linguistic and cultural factors that influence readability of mathematics questions S. 203
Simo Bobda, Augustin:
  Sociocultural constraints in EFL teaching in Cameroon S. 221
Subject Index S. 241
List of contributors S. 245