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Band 22:
Dirven, René: Metaphor and Nation. Metaphors Afrikaners live by. VII/193 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1994.
ISBN: 3-631-47864-X

South Africa has just entered a new era of multicultural cooperation. But until now it has been dominated by a white, Afrikaner minority, which must try to give up its deep-rooted ideology. This investigation looks into this ideology by means of the dominant metaphors used in four major newspapers. The study concludes that the metaphors Afrikaners live by are not those of apartheid, but rather those of a world of rural self-containment reflecting the 19th century rather than the 20th century experiences of the organisation of life, work, and society.


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Foreword S. V
List of Abbreviations S. VII
0.   Introduction: Scope of the present metaphor project S. 8
1.   Metaphor: nature and function S. 8
2.   Metaphor and morphology: The case of the Afrikaans diminutive S. 30
3.   Metaphor and lexis: Divergent developments in Afrikaans and Dutch S. 43
4.   Metaphor and culture: Contrasts between common stock versus new metaphors in Afrikaans S. 67
5.   Metaphor and language policy: The embrace of English S. 118
6.   Metaphor and ideology: Rural self-containment, apartheid, and ideology of newspapers S. 152
Notes S. 181
References S. 187