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Band 18:
Ponelis, Fritz: The Development of Afrikaans. XVII/616 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1993.
ISBN: 3-631-43498-7

The development of Afrikaans is investigated within its sociohistorical context from the beginnings of the Afrikaans speech community in the 17th century to the present. Language contact in the loose and heterogeneous early Cape society gave rise to a divergent variety of Dutch later to be named Afrikaans. There was extensive borrowing as well as creolisation due to the strong presence of foreigners who had to acquire Dutch rapidly and under adverse social conditions. Changes in the linguistic core and functions of Afrikaans are set forth in a number of chapters.


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Preface S. V
Contents S. VII
Abbreviations S. XIII
Phonetic symbols S. XV
Summary S. XVII
1.   Early Cape society S. 1
2.   The eighteenth century and beyond S. 37
3.   Historiographical outline S. 69
4.   Borrowing S. 99
5.   The Dutch base S. 121
6.   The phonological inventory S. 131
7.   Phonological processes S. 145
8.   The noun phrase S. 165
9.   Pronouns and related forms S. 195
10.   Clause constructions S. 255
11.   Linear clause structure S. 311
12.   Nonclausal constructions S. 347
13.   Verb inflection S. 383
14.   Tense S. 429
15.   Negation S. 453
16.   Lexical elements and relations S. 479
17.   Lexical structures S. 511
References S. 583
Index S. 607