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Kremer, Richard: The efficiency of English language teaching in smaller countries: Denmark. Basic English language teaching in Denmark and its wider context. II/124 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1991.
ISBN: 3-631-44379-X

The study is part of a wider comparative description of basic English language teaching in some of the smaller European countries, namely Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden. This first survey offers a discussion of the main issues in English language teaching in Denmark based entirely on Danish sources and on observations in various schools. Denmark is an interesting case of successful English language teaching at school, mainly in mixed-ability classes, with a high degree of support via private TV viewing in a climate of favourable attitudes toward Britain and the U.S.A. The discussion is broadened by looking at teacher education, the role of English outside school and the influence of the English language on Danish.


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Preface S. I
Overview S. 1
1.   Introduction: The Danish system of education S. 2
2.   The development of English language teaching in Denmark S. 8
3.   The Guidelines for teaching foreign languages in the “Folkeskole” of 1976 S. 15
4.   English and English teaching under discussion: Main issues S. 29
5.   Committee report: English – Quality in education and teaching S. 49
6.   English teaching in classes 4 to 8: A personal record S. 69
7.   English in a wider context: A discussion of conditions and challenges S. 80
Conclusion S. 108
Publications consulted S. 119