Duisburger Arbeiten zur Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft

Band 5:
Dirven, René / Pütz, Martin (Hrsg.): Wheels within Wheels. Papers of the Duisburg Symposium on Pidgin and Creole Languages. 312 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1989.
ISBN: 3-631-40545-6
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The two main theories on the rise and development of pidgin and especially creole languages are presented by their main proponents: Derek Bickerton for the nature hypothesis, i.e. the triggering of the bioprogramme of universals, and Peter Mühlhäusler for the nurture hypothesis, i.e. the social needs experienced by the speakers of a newly developing variety. Most of the other papers discuss the data on pidgins and creoles in the light of either of the two conflicting hypotheses. These data are related to a variety of languages such as Black English in South Carolina (USA); Negro-Dutch in St. Thomas Island; a French-based pidgin in Burundi; Khoi-Khoi Dutch, Malay Afrikaans and Afrikaans as a creolised and partly decreolised standard in South Africa; the Mexican-Indian language Cora and British Jamaican English. These data reveal that the traditional pidgin-creole dichotomy must be widened into a much more complex continuum, comprising not only a pidgin and creole phase, but also a post-creole phase, and a near-standard or new standard phase and that it must account for intricate processes of massive borrowing.


Dirven, René / Pütz, Martin:
  Introduction. Pidgins and Creoles as "Wheels within Wheels" S. 1
I. How Wheels Begin to Turn
Bickerton, Derek:
  The Lexical Learning Hypothesis and the Pidgin-Creole Cycle S. 11
Mühlhäusler, Peter:
  Nature and Nurture in the Development of Pidgin and Creole Languages S. 33
Clahsen, Harald:
  Creole Genesis, the Lexical Learning Hypothesis and the Problem of Development in Language Acquisition S. 55
II. How Far Wheels Can Turn
Niedzielski, Henry:
  A French Based Pidgin in Burundi S. 81
Oomen, Ursula / Lissewski, Monika:
  Pronoun Variation in South Carolinian 'Early Black English' S. 109
van Rensburg, Christo:
  Orange River Afrikaans: A Stage in the Pidgin-Creole Cycle S. 135
Stein, Peter:
  When Creole Speakers Write the Standard Language: An Analysis of Some of the Earliest Slave Letters from St. Thomas S. 153
Pütz, Martin:
  British Jamaican English: The Impact of Ideology S. 179
den Besten, Hans:
  From Khoekhoe Foreignertalk via Hottentot Dutch to Afrikaans: The Creation of a Novel Grammar S. 207
Kotzé, Ernst:
  How Creoloid Can You Be? Aspects of Malay Afrikaans S. 251
Casad, Eugene:
  Cora Borrowings vis à vis Creolization: An Outsider's View S. 265
III. The Mapping of Turning Wheels
Mühlhäusler, Peter:
  Identifying and Mapping the Pidgins and Creoles of the Pacific S. 287