Duisburger Arbeiten zur Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft

Band 3:
Dirven, René / Zydatiß, Wolfgang / Edmondson, Willis (Hrsg.): A User's Grammar of English: Word, Sentence, Text, Interaction. Parts C & D: The Structure of Texts / The Structure of Interaction. VII/360 S. - Frankfurt am Main / Berlin / Bern / New York / Paris / Wien: Lang, 1989.
ISBN: 3-631-40666-5

This volume of UGE offers an analysis of the structure of English texts, a description of interaction phenomena, and the index to the four parts of UGE. The structure of texts is dealt with in five chapters, viz. Text and Tense (W. Hüllen, Essen), Cohesion and Coherence (W. Hünig, Duisburg), Presenting Information in Context (J. Esser, Erlangen) Stylistics (E. Vorlat, Leuven), and Types of Texts (W. Zydatiß, Berlin). This survey covers the main aspects of English text grammar, which is approached from an internally cohesive and a functional-stylistic point of view. Whereas all the other parts of UGE discuss English grammar from an implicitly contrastive angle, part D «The Structure of Interaction» offers a more explicitly contrastive view of aspects of interaction in English. These are dealt with in five chapters: The Art of Speaking (D. Götz, Augsburg), Principles of Cooperation in Interaction (W. Edmondson, Hamburg), Intonation in Interaction (J.Taylor, Johannesburg), Nonverbal Interaction (A. Hübler, Palermo) and The Social Meaning of Language (J. Taylor, Johannesburg).


Part C: The Structure of Texts
Hüllen, Werner:
  Text and Tense S. 599
Hünig, Wolfgang:
  Cohesion and Coherence S. 625
Esser, Jürgen:
  Presenting Information in Context S. 665
Vorlat, Emma:
  Stylistics S. 687
Zydatiß, Wolfgang:
  Types of Texts S. 723
Part D: The Structure of Interaction
Götz, Dieter:
  The Art of Speaking S. 791
Edmondson, Willis J.:
  Principles of Cooperation in Interaction S. 809
Taylor, John:
  Intonation in Interaction S. 841
Hübler, Axel:
  Nonverbal Interaction S. 873
Taylor, John:
  The Social Meaning of Language S. 903
Bibliography S. 931
Index S. 947

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