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Teich, Elke/Fankhauser, Peter (2018):
Aspects of Linguistic and Computational Modeling in Language Science. In: Flanders, Julia/Jannidis, Fotis (Hrsg.): The Shape of Data in Digital Humanities. Modeling Texts and Text-based Resources. (= Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities). New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2018. S. 236-249.
Kupietz, Marc/Diewald, Nils/Fankhauser, Peter (2018):
How to Get the Computation Near the Data: Improving data accessibility to, and reusability of analysis functions in corpus query platforms. In: Bański, Piotr/Kupietz, Marc/Barbaresi, Adrien/Biber, Hanno/Breiteneder, Evelyn/Clematide, Simon/Witt, Andreas (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the LREC 2018 Workshop “Challenges in the Management of Large Corpora (CMLC-6)”. 07 May 2018 – Miyazaki, Japan. Paris: European language resources association (ELRA), 2018. S. 20-25. IDS-Publikationsserver
Fankhauser, Peter/Kupietz, Marc (2017):
Visualizing Language Change in a Corpus of Contemporary German. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Corpus Linguistics Conference, University of Birmingham, Tuesday 25–Friday 28 July 2017. Birmingham: University of Birmingham, 2017. 3 S. IDS-Publikationsserver Text