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Haaf, Susanne/Fankhauser, Peter/Trippel, Thorsten/Eckart, Kerstin/Eckart, Thomas/Hanna, Hedeland/Herold, Axel/Knappen, Jörg/Schiel, Florian/Stegmann, Jens/Van Uytvanck, Dieter (2014):
CLARIN's Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) under scrutiny – The VLO taskforce of the CLARIN-D centres. In: CLARIN Annual Conference 2014, Soesterberg, Netherlands. Soesterberg, 2014. 3 S. IDS-Publikationsserver Text
Witt, Andreas/Rehm, Georg/Hinrichs, Erhard/Lehmberg, Timm/Stegmann, Jens (2009):
SusTEInability of linguistic resources through feature structures. In: Literary and Linguistic Computing 24, Issue 3. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. S. 363-372. IDS-Publikationsserver Verlag
Stegmann, Jens/Witt, Andreas (2009):
TEI Feature Structures as a Representation Format for Multiple Annotation and Generic XML Documents. In: Proceedings of Balisage: The Markup Conference 2009. (= Balisage Series on Markup Technologies 3). Balisage, 2009. Elektronische Ressource. IDS-Publikationsserver Verlag