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Meng, Katharina / Strömqvist, Sven (Hrsg.): Discourse markers in language acquisition. Journal of Pragmatics 31, Issue 10. 151 S. - Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1999.
ISSN: 0378-2166
(Journal of Pragmatics 31, Issue 10)

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Meng, Katharina / Strömqvist, Sven:
  Introduction Text
S. 1241
Strömqvist, Sven / Richthoff, Ulla:
  Linguistic feedback, input and analysis in early language development Text
S. 1245
Meng, Katharina / Schrabback, Susanne:
  Interjections in adult-child discourse: The cases of German HM and NA Text
S. 1263
Montes, Rosa Graciela:
  The development of discourse markers in Spanish: Interjections Text
S. 1289
Kyratzis, Amy / Ervin-Tripp, Susan:
  The development of discourse markers in peer interaction Text
S. 1321
Andersen, Elaine S. / Brizuela, Maquela / Dupuy, Beatrice / Gonnerman, Laura:
  Cross-linguistic evidence for the early acquisition of discourse markers as register variables Text
S. 1339
Allwood, Jens / Ahlsén, Elisabeth:
  Learning how to manage communication, with special reference to the acquisition of linguistic feedback Text
S. 1353
IPrA news service S. 1391