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Kopf, Kristin / Weber, Thilo (Hrsg.): Free Variation Grammar. Empirical and theoretical approaches. 352 S. - Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2023.
ISBN: 978-90-272-4933-3
(Studies in Language Companion Series 234)

Recent years have seen a growing interest in grammatical variation, a core explanandum of grammatical theory. The present volume explores questions that are fundamental to this line of research: First, the question of whether variation can always and completely be explained by intra- or extra-linguistic predictors, or whether there is a certain amount of unpredictable – or ‘free’ – grammatical variation. Second, the question of what implications the (in-)existence of free variation would hold for our theoretical models and the empirical study of grammar. The volume provides the first dedicated book-length treatment of this long-standing topic. Following an introductory chapter by the editors, it contains ten case studies on potentially free variation in morphology and syntax drawn from Germanic, Romance, Uralic and Mayan.

Inhaltsverzeichnis (Auswahl)

Weber, Thilo / Kopf, Kristin:
  Free variation, unexplained variation? IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Section 1: Identifying and measuring free variation
Bader, Markus:
  How free is the position of German object pronouns? Verlag
S. 22
Moser, Ann-Marie:
  Optionality in the syntax of Germanic traditional dialects
On (at least) two types of intra-individual variation
S. 48
Rudnicka, Karolina / Klégr, Aleš:
  Non-verbal plural number agreement. Between the distributive plural and singular
Blocking factors and free variation
S. 74
Symanczyk Joppe, Vilma:
  ‘Optional’ direct objects: Free variation? Verlag
S. 99
Section 2: Free variation and language change
Niinemägi, Merit:
  Variation and change in the Aanaar Saami conditional perfect Verlag
S. 168
Hasse, Anja:
  Stability of inflectional variation
The dative of the indefinite article in Zurich German
S. 202
Nijs, Julie / Van de Velde, Freek:
  Resemanticising ‘free’ variation
The case of V1 conditionals in Dutch
S. 229
Section 3: Free variation? Look harder!
Rosemeyer, Malte:
  Syntactic priming and individual preferences
A corpus-based analysis
S. 260
Yu, Yidong:
  Optionality, variation and categorial properties
The case of plural marking in Yucatec Maya
S. 284
Giménez García, Roser / Queralt, Sheila / Moreno Vila, F. Xavier:
  Variation of deontic constructions in spoken Catalan
An exploratory study
S. 314
Index S. 351