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Scarvaglieri, Claudio / Graf, Eva-Maria / Spranz-Fogasy, Thomas (Hrsg.): Relationships in Organized Helping. Analyzing interaction in psychotherapy, medical encounters, coaching and in social media. VI/331 S. - Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2022.
ISBN: 978-90-272-1145-3
(Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 311)
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E-Book (PDF). Amsterdam: Benjamins. ISBN: 978-90-272-5755-0

This edited volume offers up-to-date research on the interactive building and managing of relationships in organized helping. Its contributions address this core of helping in psychotherapy, coaching, doctor-patient interaction, and digital helping interaction and document and analyze essential communicative practices of relationship management. A summarizing contribution identifies common dimensions of relationship management across the different helping contexts and thereby provides a framework for understanding and researching how interactive practices and helping relationships are interconnected. The volume brings together researchers and practitioners and merges academic approaches to studying relationships with practical knowledge about verbal helping in these settings. The book is intended for scholars in the field of organized helping as well as for students and researchers of communication and discourse / conversation analysis in professional and organized contexts. It is also addressed to practitioners interested in learning more about the micro- and meso-management of their working relationships.


Graf, Eva-Maria / Scarvaglieri, Claudio / Spranz-Fogasy, Thomas:
  Practices of relationship management in organized helping
S. 1
Muntigl, Peter:
  Forging relationships in psychotherapeutic interaction S. 27
Buchholz, Michael B.:
  Doing We – Working alliance in psychotherapeutic relationships S. 51
Guxholli, Aurora / Voutilainen, Liisa / Peräkylä, Anssi:
  What about you?
Responding to a face-threatening question in psychotherapy
S. 79
Pawelczyk, Joanna / Faccio, Elena:
  So let’s say men can’t understand that much
Gender and relational practices in psychotherapy with women suffering from eating disorders
S. 105
Kabatnik, Susanne / Nikendei, Christoph / Ehrenthal, Johannes C. / Spranz-Fogasy, Thomas:
  Relationship management by means of solution-oriented questions in German psychodiagnostic interviews IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 127
Winkler, Oliver:
  The role of semi-responsive answers for relationship building in coaching S. 151
Graf, Eva-Maria / Jautz, Sabine:
  Working alliance and client design as discursive achievements in first sessions of executive coaching S. 171
Günthner, Susanne:
  Relationship building in oncological doctor-patient interaction: The use of address forms as ‘Tie Signs’ S. 195
Kuna, Agnes / Scarvaglieri, Claudio:
  Practices of relationship building in Hungarian primary care: Communicative styles and intergenerational differences S. 221
Džanko, Minka:
  Building (dis-)affiliative medical relationships through interactional practices of knowledge management: A comparative study of German and Bosnian medical encounters S. 243
Thurnherr, Franziska:
  How are you getting on with these?
Fostering clients’ involvement in the therapeutic alliance in email counseling
S. 265
Kabatnik, Susanne:
  Twitter as a helping medium
Relationship building through German hashtag #depression
S. 287
Scarvaglieri, Claudio / Graf, Eva-Maria:
  Relational dimensions of organized helping
Findings and implications
S. 315
Index S. 329