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Graumann, Carl F. / Kallmeyer, Werner (Hrsg.): Perspective and Perspectivation in Discourse. VI/400 - Amsterdam / Philadelphia: Benjamins, 2002.
ISBN: 978-90-272-2361-6
(Human Cognitive Processing 9)

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E-Book (PDF). Amsterdam / Philadelphia: Benjamins. ISBN: 978-90-272-9693-1

‘Perspective’ and ‘viewpoint’ are widely used in everyday talk as well as in the specialist languages of the social, cognitive, and literary sciences. Taken from the field of visual perception and representation, these concepts have acquired a general meaning and significance, as characteristics of human cognitive processing. Since, however, this field is shared by an increasing body of disciplines, perspective terms have also acquired specific and technical meanings. A striking example is the newly introduced use of ‘perspectivation’ in discourse analysis. This volume on ‘perspective and perspectivation’ — the first of its kind — will help to fill the gap between the common understanding of perspective and the specifics of its structure and dynamics as they have been elaborated in the human sciences, mainly in psychology and linguistics. The focus is on the structure of perspectivity in cognition and language, and the dynamics of setting and taking perspectives in social interaction and in the construction and understanding of texts. Both topics are presented here in an interdisciplinary way by a group of linguists and psychologists.

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Graumann, Carl F. / Kallmeyer, Werner:
  Perspective and Perspectivation in Discourse: An Introduction IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Zifonun, Gisela:
  Grammaticalization of perspectivity IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 89
Kallmeyer, Werner:
  Verbal practices of perspective grounding IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 113
Keim, Inken:
  Perspectivity and professional role in verbal interaction IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 141