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Bański, Piotr / Kupietz, Marc / Lüngen, Harald / Rayson, Paul / Biber, Hanno / Breiteneder, Evelyn / Clematide, Simon / Mariani, John / Stevenson, Mark / Sick, Theresa (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the Workshop on Challenges in the Management of Large Corpora and Big Data and Natural Language Processing (CMLC-5+BigNLP) 2017 including the papers from the Web-as-Corpus (WAC-XI) guest section. Birmingham, 24 July 2017. 60 S. - Mannheim: Institut für Deutsche Sprache, 2017.


Dittrich, Andreas:
  Intra-connecting a small exemplary literary corpus with semantic web technologies for exploratory literary studies IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Kirk, John / Čermáková, Anna:
  From ICE to ICC: The new International Comparable Corpus IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 7
Knight, Dawn / Fitzpatrick, Tess / Morris, Steve / Evas, Jeremy / Rayson, Paul / Spasic, Irena / Stonelake, Mark / Môn Thomas, Enlli / Neale, Steven / Needs, Jennifer / Piao, Scott / Rees, Mair / Watkins, Gareth / Anthony, Laurence / Cobb, Thomas Michael / Deuchar, Margaret / Donnelly, Kevin / McCarthy, Michael / Scannell, Kevin:
  Creating CorCenCC (Corpws Cenedlaethol Cymraeg Cyfoes – The National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh) IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 13
Kupietz, Marc / Witt, Andreas / Bański, Piotr / Tufiş, Dan / Cristea, Dan / Váradi, Tamás:
  EuReCo – Joining Forces for a European Reference Corpus as a sustainable base for cross-linguistic research IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 15
Lüngen, Harald / Kupietz, Marc:
  CMC Corpora in DeReKo IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 20
McClure, David / Algee-Hewitt, Mark / Steele, Douris / Fredner, Erik / Walser, Hannah:
  Organizing corpora at the Stanford Literary Lab IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 25
Rábara, Radoslav / Rychlý, Pavel / Herman, Ondřej:
  Accelerating Corpus Search Using Multiple Cores IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 30
Vidler, John:
  Keeping Properties with the Data: CL-MetaHeaders – An Open Specification IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 35
WAC-XI contributions
Vladimir Benko:
  Are Web Corpora Inferior? The Case of Czech and Slovak IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 43
Jurkiewicz-Rohrbacher, Edyta / Kolaković, Zrinka:
  Web Corpora – the best possible solution for tracking phenomena in underresourced languages: clitics in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 49
Suchomel, Vít:
  Removing Spam from Web Corpora Through Supervised Learning Using FastText IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 56