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Kupietz, Marc / Geyken, Alexander (Hrsg.): Corpus Linguistic Software Tools. Journal for language technology and computational linguistics (JLCL) 31 (1). 174 S. - Berlin: GSCL, 2016.
ISSN: 2190-6858
(Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics 31.1)


Geyken, Alexander / Kupietz, Marc:
  Editorial Text
Krause, Thomas / Leser, Ulf / Lüdeling, Anke:
  graphANNIS: A Fast Query Engine for Deeply Annotated Linguistic Corpora Text
S. 1
Rayson, Paul / Mariani, John / Anderson-Cooper, Bryce / Baron, Alistair / Gullick, David / Moore, Andrew / Wattam, Stephen:
  Towards Interactive Multidimensional Visualisations for Corpus Linguistics Text
S. 27
Pölitz, Christian:
  Data Mining Software for Corpus Linguistics with Application in Diachronic Linguistics Text
S. 51
Diewald, Nils / Margaretha, Eliza:
  Krill: KorAP search and analysis engine IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 73
Skeppstedt, Maria / Paradis, Carita / Kerren, Andreas:
  PAL, a tool for Pre-annotation and Active Learning Text
S. 91
Neumann, Arne:
  Merging and validating heterogenous, multi-layered corpora with discoursegraphs Text
S. 111
Schmidt, Thomas:
  Construction and dissemination of a corpus of spoken interaction – tools and workflows in the FOLK project IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 127
von Waldenfels, Ruprecht / Woźniak, Michał:
  SpoCo – a simple and adaptable web interface for dialect corpora Text
S. 155
Author Index S. 171