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Kernerman, Ilan / Klosa-Kückelhaus, Annette (Hrsg.): International Journal of Lexicography 34, Issue 3. Special issue: Lexicographic Neology and Neological Lexicography. - Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021.
ISSN: 0950-3846
(International Journal of Lexicography 34, Issue 3)


Klosa-Kückelhaus, Annette / Kernerman, Ilan:
  Converging Lexicography and Neology Verlag
S. 277
Škrabal, Michal / Kavka, Martin:
  Merging Professional and Collaborative Lexicography: The Case of Czech Neology Verlag
S. 282
Ološtiak, Martin / Rešovská, Soňa:
  A Dictionary of Slovak Neologisms (A Project Description) Verlag
S. 302
Alves, Ieda Maria / Oliveira Maroneze, Bruno:
  The presence of Brazilian neologisms in dictionaries Verlag
S. 315
Adelstein, Andreína / de los Ángeles Boschiroli, Victoria:
  Semantic Aspects of National Varieties of Spanish in a Dictionary of Neologisms, the Antenario Verlag
S. 336
Sánchez Ibáñez, Miguel / Maroto, Nava:
  Beyond timelines: the challenges of combining theoretical premises and speakers’ insights about the assessment, validation and inclusion of Spanish neologisms in dictionaries Verlag
S. 358
Castro, Ana / Nazar, Rogelio / Renau, Irene:
  New verbs and dictionaries: A method for the automatic detection of neology in Spanish verbs Verlag
S. 382
Freixa, Judit:
  Pius ten Hacken and Renáta Panocová (eds): The Interaction of Borrowing and Word Formation Verlag
S. 400
Nomdedeu-Rull, Antoni:
  Félix Rodríguez González and Jesús Castañón Rodríguez (2021): Diccionario de anglicismos del deporte Verlag
S. 405