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Journal of Pragmatics 55. - Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2013.
ISSN: 0378-2166
(Journal of Pragmatics 55)

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Hassall, Tim:
  Pragmatic development during short-term study abroad: The case of address terms in Indonesian Text
S. 1
Kaukomaa, Timo / Peräkylä, Anssi / Ruusuvuori, Johanna:
  Turn-opening smiles: Facial expression constructing emotional transition in conversation Text
S. 21
Kitzinger, Celia / Lerner, Gene H. / Zinken, Jörg / Wilkinson, Sue / Kevoe-Feldman, Heidi / Ellis, Sonja:
  Reformulating place IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 43
Tanaka, Hiroko:
  The Japanese response token Hee for registering the achievement of epistemic coherence Text
S. 51
St. André, James:
  How the Chinese lost ‘face’ Text
S. 68
Sifianou, Maria:
  The impact of globalisation on politeness and impoliteness Text
S. 86
Mirzaei, Azizullah / Eslami, Zohreh R.:
  Exploring the variability dynamics of wedding invitation discourse in Iran Text
S. 103
Cormier, Kearsy / Smith, Sandra / Zwets, Martine:
  Framing constructed action in British Sign Language narratives Text
S. 119
Chen, Rong / He, Lin / Hu, Chunmei:
  Chinese requests: In comparison to American and Japanese requests and with reference to the “East-West divide” Text
S. 140
Pajo, Kati / Klippi, Anu:
  Hearing-impaired recipients' non-vocal action sets as a resource for collaboration in conversation Text
S. 162
Gladkova, Anna:
  “Is he one of ours?”
The cultural semantics and ethnopragmatics of social categories in Russian
S. 180
Yao, Jun / Song, Jie / Singh, Michael:
  The ironical Chinese bei-construction and its accessibility to English speakers Text
S. 195
Verhulst, An / Depraetere, Ilse / Heyvaert, Liesbet:
  Source and strength of modality: An empirical study of root should, ought to and be supposed to in Present-day British English Text
S. 210
Book Review
Olbertz, Hella:
  Wiltrud Mihatsch: “Wird man von hustensaft wie so ne art bekifft?”. Approximationsmarker in den romanischen Sprachen Text
S. 18