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Journal of Phonetics 40, Issue 2. - Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2012.
ISSN: 0095-4470
(Journal of Phonetics 40, Issue 2)

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Smith, Rachel / Hawkins Sarah:
  Production and perception of speaker-specific phonetic detail at word boundaries Verlag
S. 213
Davidson, Lisa / Shaw, Jason A.:
  Sources of illusion in consonant cluster perception Verlag
S. 234
Chang, Charles B.:
  Rapid and multifaceted effects of second-language learning on first-language speech production Verlag
S. 249
Hao, Yen-Chen:
  Second language acquisition of Mandarin Chinese tones by tonal and non-tonal language speakers Verlag
S. 269
Escudero, Paola / Simon, Ellen / Mitterer, Holger:
  The perception of English front vowels by North Holland and Flemish listeners: Acoustic similarity predicts and explains cross-linguistic and L2 perception Verlag
S. 280
Kendall, Tyler / Fridland, Valerie:
  Variation in perception and production of mid front vowels in the U.S. Southern Vowel Shift Verlag
S. 289
Wieling, Martin / Margaretha, Eliza / Nerbonne, John:
  Inducing a Measure of Phonetic Similarity from Pronunciation Variation Text
S. 307
Eerola, Osmo / Savela, Janne / Laaksonen, Juha-Pertti / Aaltonen, Olli:
  The effect of duration on vowel categorization and perceptual prototypes in a quantity language Verlag
S. 315
Calhoun, Sasha:
  The theme/rheme distinction: Accent type or relative prominence? Verlag
S. 329