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Ruhi, Şükriye / Haugh, Michael / Schmidt, Thomas / Wörner, Kai (Hrsg.): Best Practices for Spoken Corpora in Linguistic Research. 272 S. - Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.
ISBN: 978-1-4438-6033-8

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A key concern of researchers involved in the creation and sharing of language resources is to attain maximum usability, reliability and longevity of these resources for present and future researchers in the language sciences. The view developed in this volume is that spoken corpora construction and sharing are major research endeavours that should also be laid open to academic debate in a manner that is more visible than is currently the case in corpus linguistics. The present volume brings together multiple research perspectives to bear on the question of what constitutes best practices for the construction of spoken corpora. The book brings into closer contact scholars whose specializations have often remained in relatively different streams of scientific investigation; that is, scholars whose work falls primarily in conversation analysis, pragmatics and discourse analysis, but who are involved in spoken corpus compilation, on the one hand, and scholars who also specialize in linguistics but who have been intensively involved in developing various infrastructures for spoken corpora, on the other hand. This combination of scholars brings into better relief the concerns of data providers, data curators and data users in linguistic research. This book is thus unique in that it highlights best practices from both the perspective of assembling, annotating and linguistic analysis of spoken corpora, as well as from the perspective of processing, archiving and disseminating spoken language. In doing so, the contributions emphasise not only the considerable promise that the rapid technological changes that society continues to experience in this area offer, but also possible dangers for the unwary.


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List of Tables S. IX
Ruhi, Şükriye / Schmidt, Thomas / Wörner, Kai / Haugh, Michael:
  Introduction: Putting Practices in Spoken Corpora into Focus IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1
Part 1: Case Studies on Corpora Design, Annotation and Analysis
Slavcheva, Adriana / Meißner, Cordula:
  Building and Maintaining the GeWiss Corpus: Perspectives on the Construction, Sustainability and Further Enrichment of Spoken Corpora, A Showcase S. 20
Ruhi, Şükriye / Işık Taş, E. Eda:
  Constructing General and Dialectal Spoken Corpora for Language Variation Research: Two Case Studies from Turkish S. 36
Pavlidou, Theodossia-Soula / Kapellidi, Charikleia / Karafoti, Eleni:
  The Corpus of Spoken Greek (CSG) S. 56
Rehbein, Ines / Schalowski, Sören / Wiese, Heike:
  Annotating Spoken Language S. 75
Choi, Seongsook / Richards, Keith:
  Computational Analysis of Turn-taking Patterns in Interdisciplinary Research Meetings S. 95
Part 2: Discussions on Best Practices in Spoken Corpora
Skrelin, Pavel / Kocharov, Daniil:
  Russian Speech Corpora Framework for Linguistic Purposes S. 118
Benešová, Lucie / Waclawičová, Martina / Křen, Michal:
  Building a Data Repository of Spontaneous Spoken Czech S. 128
Ehmer, Oliver / Martinez, Camille:
  Creating a Multimodal Corpus of Spoken World French S. 142
Fischer, Peter M. / Witt, Andreas:
  Best Practices on Long-Term Archiving of Spoken Language Data IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 162
Drude, Sebastian / Trilsbeek, Paul / Sloetjes, Han / Broeder, Daan:
  Best Practices in the Creation, Archiving and Dissemination of Speech Corpora at the Language Archive S. 183
Hedeland, Hanna / Lehmberg, Timm / Schmidt, Thomas / Wörner, Kai:
  Multilingual Corpora at the Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 208
Musgrave, Simon / Schalley, Andrea C. / Haugh, Michael:
  The Use of Ontologies as a Tool for Aggregating Spoken Corpora S. 225
Schmidt, Thomas:
  (More) Common Ground for Processing Spoken Language Corpora? IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 249
Contributors S. 266
Index S. 269