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Storjohann, Petra (Hrsg.): Lexical-Semantic Relations. Theoretical and practical perspectives. VIII/188 S. - Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2010.
ISBN: 978-90-272-3138-3
(Lingvisticae Investigationes Supplementa 28)

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E-Book (PDF). Amsterdam: Benjamins. ISBN: 978-90-272-8816-5

This collection of articles sketches the complexity of the subject of lexical-semantic relations and addresses semantic, lexicographic and computational issues on an array of meaning relations in different languages. It brings together a variety of linguistic studies on the contextualised construction of synonymy and antonymy in discourse. It shows that research on language and cognition calls for empirical evidence from different sources. This volume demonstrates how the internet, corpus data, as well as psycholinguistic methods contribute profitably to gain insights into the nature of the paradigmatics in actual language use. Furthermore, the volume is concerned with practical and application-oriented research on lexical databases, and it includes explorations of sense-related items in dictionaries from both a text-technological and lexicographic perspective.


Preface IDS-Publikationsserver
Storjohann, Petra:
  Introduction S. 1
Storjohann, Petra:
  Lexico-semantic relations in theory and practice S. 5
Willners, Caroline / Paradis, Carita:
  Swedish opposites: A multi-method approach to ‘goodness of antonymy’ S. 15
Jones, Steven:
  Using web data to explore lexico-semantic relations S. 49
Storjohann, Petra:
  Synonyms in corpus texts: Conceptualisation and construction S. 69
Proost, Kristel:
  Antonymy relations: Typical and atypical cases from the domain of speech act verbs IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 95
Belica, Cyril / Keibel, Holger / Kupietz, Marc / Perkuhn, Rainer:
  An empiricist's view of the ontology of lexical-semantic relations IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 115
Müller-Spitzer, Carolin:
  The consistency of sense-related items in dictionaries: Current status, proposals for modelling and applications in lexicographic practice IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 145
Kunze, Claudia / Lemnitzer, Lothar:
  Lexical-semantic and conceptual relations in GermaNet S. 163