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Schmitz, Hans-Christian / Zeevat, Henk (Hrsg.): Formal Approaches to Discourse Particles and Modal Adverbs. 198 S. - Duisburg: Universitätsverlag Rhein-Ruhr, 2009.
ISSN: 0343-5202
(Sprache und Datenverarbeitung 33.1-2)

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This volume grew out of a workshop on formal and experimental approaches to discourse particles and modal adverbs, held at the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) 2008 in Hamburg. The workshop has been the third in a series of workshops starting at ESSLLI 2003 in Vienna and continuing in Barcelona in 2005. Since 2003, formal and experimental approaches to particles have become a flourishing area of research. For the right reason: particles provide challenges for the formal and experimental methods currently available, both in the kind of content they express and in the way they (seem to) do so. The papers in this volume provide many examples.


Zeevat, Henk / Schmitz, Hans-Christian:
  Foreword S. 5
Constant, Noah / Davis, Christopher / Potts, Christopher / Schwarz, Florian:
  The pragmatics of expressive content: Evidence from large corpora S. 7
Fisseni, Bernhard:
  Überhaupt und sowieso and überhaupt en sowieso S. 25
Gutzmann, Daniel:
  Hybrid Semantics for Modal Particles S. 45
Hogeweg, Lotte:
  The Dutch particle wel as a denial of a negation S. 61
Karagjosova, Elena:
  A unified DRT-based account of accented and unaccented middle field doch S. 77
Lobanova, Anna:
  Expressiveness of the connective a: a unifying approach of its incompatibility and mirativity functions S. 95
Nishiguchi, Sumiyo:
  Presupposition Accommodation of Discourse-Initial Too S. 109
Schaden, Gerhard / Tovena, Lucia:
  Sharpening the adequacy of a characterisation S. 122
Thoma, Sonja:
  To p or to ¬p – The Bavarian Particle fei as Polarity Discourse Particle S. 139
Umbach, Carla / Ebert, Cornelia:
  German demonstrative so – intensifying and hedging effects S. 153
Wolf, Lavi / Cohen, Ariel:
  Modal Adverbs as Negotiation Chips S. 169
Zeevat , Henk:
  “Only” as a Mirative Particle S. 179
Adressen S. 197