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Wagner, Johannes / Vöge, Monika (Hrsg.): Laughter in Interaction. Journal of Pragmatics 42, Issue 6. - Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2010.
ISSN: 0378-2166
(Journal of Pragmatics 42, Issue 6)

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Vöge, Monika / Wagner, Johannes:
  Social Achievements and Sequential Organization of Laughter: Studies in the Honor of Gail Jefferson Text
S. 1469
Wagner, Johannes:
  Gail Jefferson 1938–2008 Text
S. 1474
Jefferson, Gail:
  Sometimes a frog in your throat is just a frog in your throat: Gutturals as (sometimes) laughter-implicative Text
S. 1476
Glenn, Phillip:
  Interviewer laughs: Shared laughter and asymmetries in employment interviews Text
S. 1485
Haakana, Markku:
  Laughter and smiling: Notes on co-occurrences Text
S. 1499
Holt, Elizabeth:
  The last laugh: Shared laughter and topic termination Text
S. 1513
Markaki, Vassiliki / Merlino, Sara / Mondada, Lorenza / Oloff, Florence:
  Laughter in professional meetings: The organization of an emergent ethnic joke Text
S. 1526
Potter, Jonathan / Hepburn, Alexa:
  Putting aspiration into words: ‘Laugh particles’, managing descriptive trouble and modulating action Text
S. 1543
Vöge, Monika:
  Local identity processes in business meetings displayed through laughter in complaint sequences Text
S. 1556
Tickoo, Asha:
  On assertion without free speech Text
S. 1577
Bloomquist, Jennifer:
  Lying, cheating, and stealing: A study of categorical misdeeds Text
S. 1595
Burdelski, Matthew:
  Socializing politeness routines: Action, other-orientation, and embodiment in a Japanese preschool Text
S. 1606
Xu, Xu:
  Interpreting metaphorical statements Text
S. 1622
Saint-Dizier de Almeida, Valérie / Agnoletti, Marie-France:
  How to pick up a stranger: Study of interlocutory processes in a flirtatious encounter Text
S. 1637
Okada, Yusuke:
  Role-play in oral proficiency interviews: Interactive footing and interactional competencies Text
S. 1647
Abdi, Reza / Tavangar Rizi, Manoochehr / Tavakoli, Mansoor:
  The cooperative principle in discourse communities and genres: A framework for the use of metadiscourse Text
S. 1669
Bada, Erdogan:
  Repetitions as vocalized fillers and self-repairs in English and French interlanguages Text
S. 1680
Shariati, Mohammad / Chamani, Fariba:
  Apology strategies in Persian Text
S. 1689
Deppermann, Arnulf / Schmitt, Reinhold / Mondada, Lorenza:
  Agenda and emergence: contingent and planned activities in a meeting IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 1700
Schick, Laurie:
  Want and the language socialization of multiple competencies in middle school dance classes Text
S. 1719
Reed, Ann M.:
  The discourse function of floated quantifiers Text
S. 1737
Book Review
Forabosco, Giovannantonio:
  Marta Dynel: Humourous Garden-paths: A Pragmatic-cognitive Study Text
S. 1762
5th International Maastricht-Łódź Duo Colloquium on “Translation and Meaning” 2010 S. 1764