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Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 8, Issue 1-2. - Routledge: Taylor & Francis, 1987.
ISSN: 0143-4632
(Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 8, Issue 1-2)


Preface S. 1
Markey, T. L.:
  When minor is minor and major is major: Language expansion, contraction and death Verlag
S. 3
de Vries, John:
  Problems of measurement in the study of linguistic minorities Verlag
S. 23
Nelde, Peter H.:
  Language contact means language conflict Verlag
S. 33
Ureland, Sture:
  Language contact research in Northern Scandinavia Verlag
S. 43
Hansén, Sven-Erik:
  Mother-tongue teaching and identity: The case of Finland-Swedes Verlag
S. 75
Laurén, Ulla:
  The linguistic competence of mono- and bi-lingual pupils in Swedish in the Finland-Swedish school Verlag
S. 83
Strömman, Solveig:
  Trade slang as a manifestation of language-group relations at work places Verlag
S. 95
Jørgensen, J. Normann:
  Minority language speaking students' first and second language vocabulary Verlag
S. 103
Pedersen, Karen Margrethe:
  German minority children in the Danish border region: Code-switching and interference Verlag
S. 111
Gorter, Durk:
  Aspects of language choice in the Frisian-Dutch bilingual context: Neutrality and asymmetry Verlag
S. 121
Eichinger, Ludwig M. / Jodlbauer, Ralph:
  On comparing multilingual situations. The Slavic minorities in the Republic of Austria. IDS-Publikationsserver
S. 133
Neville, Grace:
  Minority languages in contemporary France Verlag
S. 147
Kirk, John M.:
  Auxiliary verbs, frequencies, and the identity of Scots Verlag
S. 159
Kessler, Carolyn / Quinn, Mary Ellen:
  Language minority children's linguistic and cognitive creativity Verlag
S. 173
Cartwright, Don:
  Accommodation among the anglophone minority in Quebec to official language policy: A shift in traditional patterns of language contact Verlag
S. 187
Reuter, Mikael:
  Summing up Verlag
S. 213