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Murphy, M. Lynne / Paradis, Carita / Willners, Caroline (Hrsg.): Lexical Contrast in Discourse. Journal of Pragmatics 41, Issue 11. - Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009.
ISSN: 0378-2166
(Journal of Pragmatics 41, Issue 11)

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Murphy, M. Lynne / Paradis, Carita / Willners, Caroline:
  Introduction: Lexical contrast in discourse Text
S. 2137
Storjohann, Petra:
  Plesionymy: A case of synonymy or contrast? Verlag
S. 2140
Murphy, M. Lynne / Paradis, Carita / Willners, Caroline / Jones, Steven:
  Discourse functions of antonymy: A cross-linguistic investigation of Swedish and English Text
S. 2159
Muehleisen, Victoria / Isono, Maho:
  Antonymous adjectives in Japanese discourse Text
S. 2185
Holleman, Bregje C. / Pander Maat, Henk L.W.:
  The pragmatics of profiling: Framing effects in text interpretation and text production Text
S. 2204
Giora, Rachel / Heruti, Vered / Metuki, Nili / Fein, Ofer:
  “When we say no we mean no”: Interpreting negation in vision and language Text
S. 2222
Chang, Li-Hsiang:
  Stance uses of the Mandarin LE constructions in conversational discourse Text
S. 2240
Kampf, Zohar:
  Public (non-) apologies: The discourse of minimizing responsibility Text
S. 2257
Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar:
  Contrasting and turn transition: Prosodic projection with the parallel-opposition constructions. Text
S. 2271
Klungervik Greenall, Annjo:
  Towards a new theory of flouting Text
S. 2295
Villars, Rina:
  Literality and communicative intention in a case of legal ambiguity: The notion of citizenship in Hispanic-American constitutions Text
S. 2312
Clarke, Matthew:
  The discursive construction of interpersonal relations in an online community of practice Text
S. 2333
Rose, Kenneth R.:
  Interlanguage pragmatic development in Hong Kong, phase 2 Text
S. 2345
Cheng, Winnie / Tsui, Amy B.M.:
  ‘ahh ((laugh)) well there is no comparison between the two I think’: How do Hong Kong Chinese and native speakers of English disagree with each other? Text
S. 2365