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International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 1, Issue 1. 170 S. - Amsterdam / Philadelphia: Benjamins, 1996.
ISSN: 1384-6655
(International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 1, Issue 1)

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Teubert, Wolfgang:
  Why Corpus Linguistics? Editorial S. III
Barlow, Michael:
  Corpora for Theory and Practice Verlag
S. 1
Baugh, Simon / Harley, Andrew / Jellis, Susan:
  The Role of Corpora in Compiling the Cambridge International Dictionary of English Verlag
S. 39
Belica, Cyril:
  Analysis of Temporal Changes in Corpora Verlag
S. 61
Hanks, Patrick:
  Contextual Dependency and Lexical Sets Verlag
S. 75
Sinclair, John McH.:
  The Empty Lexicon Verlag
S. 99
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  Corpus Work at HCRC Verlag
S. 121
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S. 148
Hasselgård, Hilde / Klemola, Juhani / Merisalo, Outi / Kytö, Merja:
  Abstracts Verlag
S. 155